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The Rail Jockstrap

The Rail jockstrap is based on the same underwear from Jackaloo's The Internship, and is Rail's signature club jockstrap. The material is a black cotton with a pink and white waistband, purple ass straps, and a glittered pup-tux design on the front.

You can also order it with a side loop for a poppers bottle or spray bottle! Now is your chance to be a member of Rail ;)

Comes with the sticker! Everything is made to order!!! It can take 6-12 weeks to make and ship (but we try to do sooner!)


When washing these. Cold water and ether hang dry or low heat. 

From not stretched to maximum stretch 

SMALL ~ 24 inch - 34 inch 

MEDIUM ~ 30inch - 44inch 

LARGE ~ 34inch - 48inch

XLARGE ~ 40inch - 56inch.

Custom: This is if you need something larger/smaller than said above; if you want a standard size waistband but need a larger pouch to accommodate bits; if you have a pussy instead and would rather have flat fabric than a pouch; or any other customizations we might be able to work with! Generally there's no extra charge for any of that.

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Extra Loop
With a Cooper Scent Spray

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