How much does these smell like actual musk?

My go-to example here is a candle one. If you go to the store and find a Night Air candle or an Ocean Breeze candle, you might look at the gorgeous picture on the front, take a smell, and you might believe it! You won't think of the fact that it's actually just lavender and pine you're smelling. Not actual bottled Night Air. Likewise, you can't reaaally smell the ocean breeze. These deal in fantasy. No, we have not bottled actual sweat or cum. Just our interpretation of those smells!

Can I consume the oils?

HUFF brand products are made mostly from fractionated coconut oils with various other essential oils. They are intended FOR NOVELTY USE ONLY and should not be ingested. As they are not FDA tested or approved, be sure to test in a small, inconspicuous area. 

Do you put the sticker on the bottle before shipping?

For discretion, we enclose the label separately in the event you would rather use it somewhere other than the bottle. 

What if the spray bottle doesn't work?

The spray bottle may take a few sprays to get working! We DO NOT make our own spray bottles, and if it doesn’t work, the contents may be transferred into any readily available bottle. These can be found in most general stores. Oil roller bottles work well too! 

What if the spray bottles leak during shipping?

Because we do not make our own bottles, sometimes the bottles we use can leak during shipping. This has happened even when we label packages as fragile. This has happened even when we shifted from plastic bottles to glass ones. This has happened even when we have taped the fuck over the top of the bottles. We have not yet found a fix for this!

What if I like the scent but wish it was a big stronger?

If you have any issue with a particular scent (if it’s too musky for instance), let us know, and we’ll be happy to customize your next one!