About Us

I remember looking around for musk-styled scents in the fandom in 2020. I found a lot of "strawberry wolf" and "cinnamon fox" style perfumes that just had an unrelated scent and furry art on the label (which are cool!) and really wished there was something more for musk fetishists. Hence, HUFF was born! Our 2021 Kickstarter was funded in fewer than 24 hours! Our season 2 Kickstarter at the end of 2021 was also backed! And we've loved working with people to create unique scents.

HUFF is an erotic furry fragrance/perfume/aroma company, led by Thurston Howl and Yagi Badboi. Our season 2 saw us adding Negy to the art team, too. Weasel handles our shipping and packaging.

There are lots of fursuit perfume companies out there, but what we've noticed is that these companies don't appeal to those with musk fetishes! So these perfumes/aromas/colognes are meant to be used for erotic play.

Imagine if your fursuit's armpits could actually trigger some of that musk fetish?

Or if your partner's footpaws reminded you of a werewolf's?

Or if your underwear could have an all new layer of animal musk?

Each bottle is 30 mL and functions as a spray bottle. Each perfume is oil-based, so keep that in mind for your applications. Each perfume has a unique aroma combination, based on the character label, and each bottle has an NSFW label.