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Leather Pup Chastity Pouch - PREORDER

Every pup needs a chastity cage handy, and this is a fun, affordable option! This has a pleather pouch and a metal chain for tightening it around your bits; you just need a lock to secure the chain once it's tightened!

All of our underwear is hand made by our tailor. See below for information regarding customization. [These are for pre-order! It will take a few weeks for us to get them in stock before we can start shipping these out!]

SIZE GUIDE (referring to the size of your "member"):
SMALL: <4inch
MEDIUM: 4-6in 
LARGE: >6i

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash: cold water, delicate cycle.  Dry: hang dry or low heat.

CUSTOMIZATION: If you'd like to inquire about underwear customization, please contact us. This is if you need something larger/smaller than we have available, if you want a standard size waistband but need a larger/smaller pouch to accommodate bits, if you have a pussy and would rather have flat fabric than a pouch, or any other customization. Generally there is no extra charge for customization, but custom orders will take 6-12 weeks to process as they are made to order.

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