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HUFF Signature Jockstrap

We just launched our own signature underwear! This jockstrap is perfect for being sexy, showing off your favorite musk brand, and for telling people exactly where they should put their nose. The pouch is a lush purple with bright orange waistband and ass straps. Is the word HUFF on the waistband a brand placement or an order? Up to you to decide ;) .

You can also order it with a side loop for a poppers bottle or spray bottle! 

Comes with the sticker! Everything is made to order!!! It can take 6-12 weeks to make and ship (but we try to do sooner!)

When washing these. Cold water and ether hang dry or low heat. 

From not stretched to maximum stretch 

SMALL ~ 24 inch - 34 inch 

MEDIUM ~ 30inch - 44inch 

LARGE ~ 34inch - 48inch

XLARGE ~ 40inch - 56inch.

Custom: This is if you need something larger/smaller than said above; if you want a standard size waistband but need a larger pouch to accommodate bits; if you have a pussy instead and would rather have flat fabric than a pouch; or any other customizations we might be able to work with! Generally there's no extra charge for any of that.

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Extra Loop
With a Boar Pits Scent Spray