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Custom Candle

We now offer our scents in candle form! These candles come in an 8oz glass container with a metal lid. The candles are made of soy wax and are colored based on the chosen character. They use the same recipes as our base perfume scents and can be burned for about 40 hours. Perfect for the dungeon, bedroom, or just general use! They also come with an NSFW sticker! Because we had too many variants, you'll need to email us with your order number to pick which scent you want your candle to be!

YCH is an option, and you'd get your own custom scent and art, but shipping does take a LOT longer than is shown on this page for YCH option!!!!!! If you order a YCH, we will be in touch with you via the email you provide at the time of ordering. We do not make scat, ws, or intense smegma related smells. No exceptions.

All items are made to order. If you would like a special color for your candle, email us after placing the order so we know to accommodate that!

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